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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. In the past I've just been using this beast as a standard signal generator and that suited me fine because I didn't have any documentation or instructions on how to create my own functions on it, and besides I had a Stanford Research DS345 Function Generator for creating these.

The limitation of this however was that it could only generate functions up to 10Mhz, and for the most part up to now that has been ok, but now in a system I'm designing I need to be able to generate a frequency of 20Mhz. All I want to do essentially, is generate a 50% duty cycle square waveform @20 MHz and vary the rise and fall times, Is this possible with the 3325B?

I've tried contacting Agilent but they say the manual is out of production and they don't have a pdf.

If anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate it if they'd contact me on the email given without the nospam.



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According to the HP data sheet, the range is sine waves to 21MHz, square-waves, triangles and ramps to 11MHz. The square-wave rise time is 20ns.

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No, HP3325A cannot vary rise/fall times of squarewave output and anyway cannot generate more than 11MHz squarevawe at all...It has some powerfull sweep functions, but it's essentially classic function generator.

- Dejan

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Dejan Durdenic

Can anyone recommend a Function generator that will be capable of doing this, I may need to hire one for 2 weeks or so?




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The frequency has to be pretty stable for my app ~ 0.4ppm, Are there any others out there that might fit the bill?






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HP 8082A pulse gen can do that. The frequency is not real accurate as it uses a potentiometer to set the rate. It does have controls that will vary the rise and fall time. They made a few generators like that but not real solid on the frequency. Check out Tucker Electronics, Test Equipment Connection, or any other used equipment company

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The 33250A is listed as the replacement box. The datasheet is on this page:

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A quick scan gets 50MHz pulse with variable rise/fall time. Frequency accuracy is 1ppm, but you can lock it to an external reference. Stability is 0.3ppm 18-28 deg C.

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