HP 8714C network analyzer GPIB software anyone?

I have an HP8714C network analyzer with a GPIB connection to a PC. Infuriately, Agilent Quicklink doesn't work with this model. Does anyone have shareware that will at least let me get screen captures?

Thanks, Stuart

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Hi, normally, this network have a disk reader 3½" and screen capture format is HPGL, you may download graphic add-in from Microsoft link to capture HPGL format to Word or Excel

formatting link
. If you have a National Instruments GPIB card for control your Network HP8714C, I may try to write a screen capture (VB6 program) to help you.

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you can download 'Agilent Screen Capture 2.0' software directly from

formatting link

hope this help you Christophe.

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That's good to know.

Thanks, - Win

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