Help: Wiltron 562 error message

Hi, I have a wiltron 562 scalar analyzer and at turn on it indicates "warning - ramp not calibrated" and subsequently will not work in normal sweep mode., the traces do not appear etc. CH2 LED flashes on power up which does indicate an A4 - sweeper interface error.

I think this may be a common problem, as one on ebay at the moment displays the same message - OR is it operator error, am i doing something stooopid?

If I put the unit into 562 sweep mode, it outputs a ramp and the traces appear.

any help appreciated, as nothing appears to be wrong (so far), the opamps work, the voltage ref is OK, the DAC seems to work. Of course the fault if i there is one, may not be on the A4 board?

Thanks for any help

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