Can HP 3050 Printer/Copy/Scanner do OCR ?

In our office they've got this HP Laser Jet 3050 Printer/Copy/Scanner, but without a manual. Since it's got a USB connector, I guess that's for the scanner input to a computer.

I once used some HP software for OCR, so I'm guessing that HP provides software for/with its HP 3050 machine ?

Or am I wasting my time ?

== TIA.

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I believe every scanner I ever bought came with OCR software. The first ones were usable, but not outstanding. More recently they have all been more than adequate.

My bet is that the CD or DVD that came with the HP 3050 has OCR software on it.

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Don Bowey

problems@gmail wrote in news:

Log on to the following HP support site:

formatting link your own search or use the following TinyURL reference to go directly to the relevent web page concerning your unit:

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The USB connector operates the entire HP printer. The software for the unit is available from

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Nope. The USB port runs everything on the printer.

Good guess. See the specs for the 3050 at:

which includes: "Readiris PRO text recognition software (not installed with other software, separate installation required)..."

I have several customers with this particular printer. My not so humble opinion of the Java based fax/print/monitor software is that it's dog slow, kinda flakey, and drove me nuts under Windoze 2000. However, when they upgraded to Windoze XP and faster machines, things stabilized nicely. I vaguely recall that the above OCR software was on a seperate CD that came in the box or required a download. It's probably NOT on the original install CD. They didn't need OCR so it was never installed. Look around and see if you can find the CD's and instructions.

Nope. You're wasting mine.

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