Where is ne10_qMaskTable32 of NE10 library defined?


After I get a little familiar with NE10 library, I want to write my NEON asm code now. That is, I copy the original FIR filter file .s to my project. I rename it and modify it with my code.

The weird thing is that there is external label of a table "ne10_qMaskTable32" I cannot find where it is defined. It even gives me another question that how the asm NEON function usage. What is the relationship between this variable and function input parameters.

Could you help me on this issue?

Thanks in advance.


.align 4 .global ne10_fir_float_neon0 .extern ne10_qMaskTable32 .thumb .thumb_func

ne10_fir_float_neon0: PUSH {r4-r12,lr} @push r12: to keep stack 8 bytes aligned @/*ARM Registers*/ pStateStruct .req R0 pSrc .req R1 pDst .req R2 blockSize .req R3

pState .req R4 @/* State pointer */ pCoeffs .req R5 @/* Coefficient pointer */ pStateCurnt .req R6 @/* Points to the current sample of the state */

pX .req R7 @/* Temporary pointers for state buffer */ pB .req R8 @/* Temporary pointers for coefficient buffer */ numTaps .req R9 @/* Length of the filter */

tapCnt .req R10 @ /* Loop counter */ Count .req R11 @ /* Loop counter */ pTemp .req R11 pMask .req R14 @ /* Mask Table */

mask .req R12

@/*NEON variale Declaration*/ qInp .qn Q0.F32 dInp_0 .dn D0.F32 dInp_1 .dn D1.F32 qCoeff .qn Q1.F32 dCoeff_0 .dn D2.F32 dCoeff_1 .dn D3.F32 qZero .qn Q2.F32

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Found it on its common folder.

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You might familiarize yourself with grep(1) and strings(1) if you're having problems resolving identifiers.

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Don Y

Knowing how to produce a linker map wouldn't be a bad idea either (for some usage cases).

(Or are linker maps considered "old fashioned" these days ? :-))


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Simon Clubley

Ha! "What's a linker? Don't I just type 'make'?"

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Don Y

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