What's a good SPICE book

I just paid lots of money for DxAnalog SPICE system to go with my "MGC/Innoveda./Viewlogic/God knows what it used to be" schematic entry tool.

Then I realised I don't understand the fundamentals of SPICE

For a man who writes all his simulations in C (assembler if I could), this is worrying.

Can anyone recommend a good book (or website) that explains the theoretical basics and development of SPICE.

Thanks, Gary

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Gary Pace
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Amazon lists about 80 books when you do a search on PSpice (the MicroSim version for PCs) and quite a few more for Spice (although with that one you will have to wade through a lot of cooking books!).

It looks like "The SPICE Book" by Andrei Vladimirescu gets good marks from the reviewers and covers the areas you mentioned.

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Joseph Power

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