Using opencores I2S as master

Sorry for the cross postings but I really need help.

I'm trying to use the Opencores I2S master logic as the driver for my test platform to generate test audio signals.

The core came configured with SCK = 2.77 MHz and WS(left/right clock)=

69.44 KHz.

I would like to be able to reconfigure the core to generate SCK=3.07MHz

and WS=48 KHz.

I played around with the conf variable but could not get the ratio I'm looking for.

I read the documentation but I still cannot understand. An explanation would certainly help.

According to the manual, The sample rate is given by bit_rate/(RES * 2)

If I choose the sample rate to be 48 KHz, and the resolution is

20-bits, the bit rate would be 1.92 Mbps.

However, the RATIO would then be calculated as follows.

RATIO= (wishbone_bus_clock - (sample_rate * RES * 8)) / (sample_rate * RES * 4)

wishbone_bus_clock= 50 MHz sample rate = 48 KHz RES=20 bits

which would then be equal to ~22 (10110) This is not giving me the values of 48KHz for WS and 3.072 MHz for i2s_sck.

Could you please help?

Thanks, cbr

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