USB slave to host

AIn general, is it possible to emulate a USB host interface using a US slave interface (bit-banging etc)?

Can this be achieved through some other readily available externa hardware?


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You need to understand how USB works, A slave does not know about all the devices that may be connected to a host.

A slave only knows about itself.

Good Luck


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A typical slave device will not let you have the low-level control you need to do this. You'll need the ability to control bus states such as reset, detect attachment of slaves, and send arbitrary packets with accurate timing.

You could probably make this work with a standard USB PHY attached to an FPGA, as long as you're happy with full/low speed.

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It's about as possible as it would be to emulate a truck using a trailer.

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Hans-Bernhard Bröker

Nice analogy, but what about those motorized trailers used in the mountains with individual wheel motors? They could be steered differentially and many of the tandem versions have front wheels...


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It's very cold here so a little diversion may be in order; anyone care to contribute? How about:

It's about as possible as it would be to emulate... a gun with a bullet a bow with an arrow a penis with a vagina a solute with a solvent a sponge with water a taxing authority with a taxpayer

Oh well...

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Le Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:23:36 -0600, kalyanamsaritha a écrit:

It's amazing the kinds of questions posed by hackers. With the help of Harry Potter walk you can do the trick :-)

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Habib Bouaziz-Viallet

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