Hello I am working on a communication programme on PC which should work i the old DOS mode and am using Turbo'c'. The baudrate needed i

115200. How does one set this baud rate (bioscom does not support) the mother board is about three years old so I guess it may be havin 16550. Can any one suggest where I can get documentation on this IC I tried interrupt to receive and it works OK in win2K, dos mode an does not work on win98 os mode!!! why is this happening? Thanks i advance for the help


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By writing the appropriate chip registers.

Ehhr, google? "16550 pdf" Only 54.000 hits or so... :-)

Not sure. It should work. Many years ago I wrote a TurboPascal unit for this kind of comms and this worked on all windows versions from 95 to 2000. Haven't tried it on XP yet.

You may download it from

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and use it as you please.


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By writing directly to the register, or using any which serial communications library to do that for you. Trying to get this to work for a DOS program running on anything else but real, raw DOS might well prove impossible.

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