TOSHIBA TLCS-900 C Compiler

I am trying to find a C-Compiler for a cipherLabs CPT-8000 batch barcode scanner, I am doing a project for uni and I need to program one of these units using C, the compiler however costs a couple of hundred dollars which i am unable to afford.

I know that the unit runs on a TOSHIBA TLCS-900 16-bit MCU and that I need the compiler from toshiba. If anyone knows one knows where i can get a copy of this compiler pls let me know, thanks

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Mike Mullen
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This is one of those places where your professor can help, by asking Toshiba to supply a compiler on an educational license.

Vendors generally look kindly on requests from university professors for assistance with student projects.

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John R. Strohm

Do _not_ try IAR compiler - I have one for TLCS900/H/L... with errors in both compiler and debugger. When I wrote to IAR about these errors, I got response (after 3 months of ping-pong) "We're not _interested_ in correcting these errors"!!!!

Now I'm using only cores with gcc support.

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