TLCS-870/C1 and TLCS-870 instruction sets

I'd like to know about the TLCS-870 and TLCS-870/C1 instruction sets and opcodes.

However, I only find incomplete information.

For the TLCS-870, there is something at

formatting link
but it is only 20 pages and looks like there should be more (details are only available on data transfer and exchange instructions; arithemtic, jump, etc are missing).

For the TLCS-870/C1, there is a pdf titled "TLCS-870/C1 Series Instruction Set" at, but it is only 71 pages and looks like there should be more (details are available on most instructions, but e.g. call and return instructions are missing).

Any ideas about where I could find complete documentation?


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Philipp Klaus Krause
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