Need help in mplementing IoT protocols

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I have a phynode sensor tag with cc2650 , one more phywave cc2650 radio module that supports zigbee, 6lowpan, ble, etc..

and  a PHYGATE ,ARM335x gateway.

I want to implement a IoT system for reading the sensor data and sending it to the cloud with the following requirements:

Read  the Sensor Data using :

1. BLE


3. Zigbee

4. Lora

Send the same info to the cloud using:


2. LoRA

3. Zigbee

4. 6Lowpan

As per my understanding, I need to have three programs in hand :

1. Code for reading the data received by cc2650 (Some cases, another cc2650 module is connected to the gateway to receive the data from sensortag)

2. Programs for BLE, 6LOWPAN, Zigbee, Lora for sending the sensor data on the sensortag side

3.Program for initializing MQTT, LoRA, Zigbee, 6Lowpan protocols inorder to establish the connection with tag and reading the data and sending it to the command prompt//screen on the gateway side.

Can any one help me in implemmenting this with necessary docs and codes available?

Re: Need help in mplementing IoT protocols
On 4/18/2017 10:46 PM, wrote:
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These are 4 different approaches to the same problem.
It would be like saying:

    I want to travel from here to Mumbai using:
        1. a car
        2. a bus
        3. on foot
        4. flapping my arms, frantically, in an attempt to fly

Understand the differences in the technologies (as well as the
licensing) and decide *which* best suits your application.

[If this is an academic exercise, you shouldn't be asking for
assistance, here!]

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See above

0. Code for interfacing to the sensor, itself -- along with the various
housekeeping functions required in the mote.

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Talk to the folks at TI (your cc2650 source) and the various "comms/protocol"
aliances/organizations for "sample implementations" (that you will undoubtedly
have to understand in greater detail before you can tune *one* to your
specific needs)

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