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Hi all,

I have a NEC TFT LCD (NL3224BC35-20) which accepts 18bit digital RGB data along with h-sync, v-sync and clock.

Are there any single chip LCD controllers with internal RAM capable of driving these kind of LCDs? So I will not be thinking about frame buffer memory, timing etc. and just feed the screen data to the controller.

PS. I will be using Atmel AVR in my system.

Thanks in advance. Antonis

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Antonis Konstantinos
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Nothing that would interface an AVR. You could possibly hook up an old ISA card, and use ADCs to convert the analog signals back to digital. That's simplified, but eh I suppose it could be done.

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Mr. Foster

Yeah, but most of them are PCI/AGP. For embedded projects, pretty nearly the only option is the Epson series. I think you'd be better off switching processors to a chip with integrated LCD controller.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

hi, I used a graphic display controller of Fujitsu: Jasmine. It's pretty neat because it has a built-in graphic engine (your micro sees it like an external RAM and you don't have to buy a graphic library)

ciao Enrico

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Enrico Migliore

Hi Antonis,

Look at the Epson S1D13806 : it's a LCD controller with integrated RAM (1200 KB). But I don't know if it works with an AVR...??

Regards Emmanuel

Ant> I have a NEC TFT LCD (NL3224BC35-20) which accepts 18bit digital RGB

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Emmanuel Herbreteau

320x240 is 76800 pixels. You want to store a pixel in 3 bytes? OK, you need 230K just for one frame buffer. You going to carve this up into 32k pages so the avr can access it thru its 64k external data space? Sounds like a LOT of work....
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