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I'm searching for an embedded system module but i did not found all
what i need !
I need a processor or a microcontroller for Linux or Windows CE (x86,
MIPS etc...), an ethernet controller, 2 I/O serial ports (RS 232/485),
I2C bus (not imperative), a 56k V90 modem.

I found Advantec PCM family but there is no integrated modem and
that's a problem for me.

Does anyone know another product family which could respond to my need

Thanks for your help,


Re: System on module
  "Olivier" writes:

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This is what I thought the PC104 systems were made for. You get the
majority of stuff on a single card and with the addition of a modem
card (available as PC104 modules), power supply and suitable box to
put it all in you have your system.

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Re: System on module ("Paul E. Bennett") wrote in message
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Yes, PC104 is a good solution but I would prefer a one card solution
if it exists. The box needs to be smallest as possible.


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