ST7 Compiler -- Which One?

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    I'm looking at doing development on the STMicroelectronics ST7
range of microcontrollers and wondering whether people's experiences
with the software tools can be conveyed to me.

  The areas I'm interested in are the compilers and simulators. The
compilers we've compared are those from Metrowerks and Cosmic. The
simulators are those from STM, Metrowerks and Cosmic. The STM
simulator is bog basic. As we plan to use the simulator for automated
testing, the Metrowerks and Cosmic ones with File I/O interfaces seem
a more likely candidate.

  Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: ST7 Compiler -- Which One?
I have used both cosmic and metrowerks (formally hiware) for a number
years and out of the two would recommend cosmic as the better compiler.
For simulation the ST simulator (Visual Develop) is the best,
especially for
peripheral simulation.
Is there any reason why you want to perform automated testing in a
? Is a code testcase not sufficient. The most popular testing tool for
st7 is tessy from Razorcat - this is not cheap though.


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