Soft-core processor construction

If anyone can help me with any information on the following, please do.

  1. What exactly is a soft-core processor?
  2. How do you go about building one?
  3. Are there any tutorials for this, with special reference to Handel-C?
  4. What are the tools required to build a soft-core using Handel-C?

Thanks, s.a.

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Gene S. Berkowitz

Go read

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. There are a ton of free and educational soft cores from which to learn. If, after studying this material for a while, you have more questions, by all means come back to comp.arch.fpga.

- Larry

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Larry Doolittle

I think it is one that is constructed with programmable logic using the normal programmable logic tools. This is in contrast to a hard-core processor, which is laid out in a more custom manner. Hard core processors can be present on an IC with programmable logic, but it is inserted as a single large piece of logic, rather than build with the standard programmable parts.

Soft core is more flexible, but hard core has better performance: size, speed, low power.

I suppose you either design your own with standard logic components or license an existing a design. I believe there is one processor design with some sort of free licensing.

I added comp.arch.fpga to the group list. This should bring in some more knowledgeable folk.


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Thad Smith

Look at

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