Small free GUI libaries?

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(i hope this is the best suited group for
coding on resource limited systems)

For one of my usual hobby project plannings
i search for a free (at least as in beer) GUI
suitable for small (read: early home computers and
perhaps the occiasional AVR micro based application)

It should support a few primitive drawing
operations (rectangles, pixels, lines,
ellipses), text out- and input, and bitmap
graphics, and be easily portable (C source).

A GUI builder, movable windows, color
conversion, sound, event orientated framework
etc. would of course be nice addons :-)

Of course i don't expect it to allready
have implementations for C64 etc , but
it would be nice to have a good interface
definition and perhaps implementations on
win, dos, linux etc.

Is there such a beast?
If no, would someone be interested in me
writing one? ;-)
He screamed: THIS IS SIG!

Re: Small free GUI libaries?
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 I am not really inside, but can be this one a solution?
 Already on C64 and AVR ethernut module.


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