SJA1000 Self Test: Acknowledge slot error

Hi, I've built up a board with a sja1000 can driver chip (philips).I connected the controller as shown in Application Node AB 9707, Fig 3, to 82c251.

Also I did make the setup as mentioned there, but there my problems occur: When I try to do a self test (in Pelican self test mode) I get errors if I don't do a single shot on the bus. The error I get, if not making a single shot, is an acknowledge slot error.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Michael Schuster
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Pardon me, but how many nodes are connected to your network? Are you using two SJA1000? The SJA1000 has a No-ACK-feature i.e. maybe you deactivated it in the other device, so your node does not see an Acknowledge.

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Anastasios Tsitlakidis

Well my problem was, I started the self test. As far as I can see now, in self test mode the controller gives the bytes to the bus, but doesnot give itself an ack-bit. Therefore if (as in my case) its the only dev on the bus, at least my hardware config didn't give itself a ack. So what I did was a single shot and everything was fine (last night...)

Now everythings is fine. BTW. I can deeply recommend

formatting link
for getting proper register timing parameters. It's an excellent site!


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