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I have been trying in vain to transmit and receive a string in 8051. First character gets displayed on the lcd, but the rest do not. I shorted RXD and TXD pins. The code in c is as follows:

void main() { unsigned char char_to_write[] = "hello, this is the data"; RECEIVED = 0; init_timer(); init_lcd(); initialize_serial(); pass_cmd(0x80); display_routine(char_to_write); while(1); }

void display_routine(unsigned char *this_is) { while(*this_is) { SBUF = *this_is++; TI = 1; while(!RECEIVED); RECEIVED = 0; } }

void init_timer() \\for 4800 baud rate { TICK = 0; EA = 1; ET0 = 1; TMOD = 1; TH0 = 0XFC; TL0 = 0X18; }

void initialize_serial() { SCON = 0X50; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XF3; TR1 = 1; EA = 1; ES = 1; }

void serialint() interrupt 4 { if(TI) TI = 0; if(RI) { pass_data((unsigned char)SBUF); // displays SBUF value on lcd. RI = 0; RECEIVED = 1; } }

I dont find any problem with lcd display function or timer function. Any help will be appreciated. Thanx, digitalBug

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I think you lcd rutine is to slow, so the string on the serial port is transmitted before you have written 1 char in your lcd...

recieve the whole string before you write it to the lcd... or at least move it out from the IRQ rutine and have a recieve buffer... then you can start to write out before...


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Yes, have your serial ISR move the data into a buffer, and nothing else. Then have your background (app/main/idle) loop polling the buffer for new data and write to the LCD from there.

Regards, Mark

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Mark McDougall

Hii folk,

It works... Thank you repzak and mark for your generous help. Sharaf

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