scanning barcode, distance <10mm

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i'm lost on this... (novice in barcode, wrong keywords?)

- pharmaceutical device using ampoules
- ampoules have a barcode identifying the charge (stationary object)
- need a _small_ barcode sensor? reader? ccd based? laser something?
board? chip? to integrate in the device (atmel based)
- distance to object is 5-10mm
- barcode encoding doesn't matter

the closest i came up with is, but its no fit

please help!

thank you


Re: scanning barcode, distance <10mm

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You might find a few useful links in here


Re: scanning barcode, distance <10mm
Intermec has several CCD scanners, and scan engines,
though I'm not sure if they would fit your bill.

#disclaimer: I happen to work for them.  ;-)

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Re: scanning barcode, distance <10mm
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You haven't mentioned what your other design criteria are
(cost, size, power consumption, development time, how
the labels are expected to be scanned, label size, etc.).

I've used integrated emitter-detectors from HP in the
past (HEDS-1000, e.g.) quite successfully (though I
am no longer sure that "HP" makes *any* components...)

With a little bit of signal conditioning (buffer and window
comparator, etc.) you'll end up with a "video" signal that
represents the "light/dark" nature of the item passing through
the detector's focus.  It is a simple matter to time the
interval between successive black-to-white/white-to-black
transitions and, from that, deduce the relative widths of
the bars/spaces -- which ultimately allows you to decode the
symbol.  Especially if you are free to pick the code used,
character density, data encoding scheme, etc.

Take a quick peek at:

Apologies if the URL gets mangled... MS's tools like to screw up
embedded spaces  :-(   The file name should be "Barcode Terminology.pdf"
(I should just remove the space and be done with it!  :>  )

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