4.3"-5" TFT display suggestions

It's difficult to find a read-to-use 4.3"-5" tablet/photoframe/panel PC/others at low-cost (50USD) for quantity (1k-5kpcs) that is hackable with a custom firmware/software for my application that requires just the display and a RS485 two-wires ports.

I tried to contact some Chinese photo frames manufacturers, but they aren't available to let me install a new firmware and it's diffult to find a UART port.

So I'm thinking to design the product myself, starting with choosing the display. Could someone suggest a good manufacturer of TFT 4.3"-5" displays with a low price?

I started with the idea of using Android, but even that choice isn't simple. So I'm thinking to use a different UI framework, even if it doesn't support multi-touch or fast movement. The target will be a product to mount to the wall, similar to a stand-alone GPS navigator (like this one buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/on-the-road/in-car-sat-navs/latest-range/nuvi-55/prod139770.html).

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Most likely, you are talking to some import/export or trading company. They are not manufacturers. Real manufacturers are always open to options.

Can you limit the color depth to 7 or 8 bits?

Yes, single touch resistive overlay is cheap and readily available.

Send me (Edward dot Ming dot Lee at gmail dot com) an email and i can arrange for your order. Most likely, at least 2K to 3K minimum.

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