Redundancy vs Protection Switching

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Are redundancy and protection switching synonymous terms, or is there a
difference between the two?  I had assumed all along that they are
synonymous.  In fact all software implementations of redundancy that I
have seen implement the various protection switching schemes out there.
However, I have also seen terms like "redundancy and protection
switching" in the literature, which makes me think that they may not be
** EXACTLY ** the same.


Re: Redundancy vs Protection Switching

I think people use the terms interchangeably even through they are

Redundancy means you have additional resources that you can switch over to
when a "primary" resource fails.
A resource could be a card/facility - T1/E1/T3/E3/SONET/SDH/etc./a
system/and so forth.
The Redundant resource takes over when the primary fails.

Protection switching means that you have a criteria that you use to decide
when to switch to a redundant resource.
A good example is Linear Automatic Protection switching as defined by
In this example, a protection switch means that you switch your traffic to a
redundant facility - a protection SONET/SDH fiber for example.

You could write an entire book talking about these subjects.

wtm at

We make & sell software that implements redundancy and protection schemes
for T1/E1/T3/E3/SONET/SDH interfaces.

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