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"Doug Chitwood" writes: > I am looking for a basic manual for a Z8671 basic chip.

> > I have a Basicon Z1 board that works but no basic key word list. > > Please drop me a email or post a link to info. > > Thanks > > Doug Chitwood > > > > > > > > > ** > Hello Doug. I have,somewhere in the closet,manuals,docs, and more chips. > Will email you what you need in a day or so.(it's a dark,dark closet). > please email me a if you need more help. > Also have (somewhere?) the Byte articles by Steve about this chip too!. > > hope this helps > > Jay > **

I know this is an old message, but I am on the hunt for some z8671 with basic/debug CPU's Do you still have any?

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Old is an understatement. If I recall correctly in my increasing senility, back in 1999 you had to write your Usenet posts out longhand and then wait for the mail coach to come around to pick it up.

Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology -- 
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Rob Gaddi

basic/debug CPU's

In this case the OP appears to have chosen to reply to a message they knew was old, but I've noticed a number of very old messages going all the way back to the middle 1990s been replied to in newsgroups recently. I wonder if Google has broken it's news client even further ?

BTW, mail (electronic though) really did used to be involved in some newsgroup access methods a long time ago. :-) Does anyone else still remember the mail-to-newsgroup posting interface ran back in the 1990s ?


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Simon Clubley

Likely so. They have a new "groups" interface they are trying to make people use - which is unusable to me. I use the old one which is - well, usable - and have to go through a significant number of hoops now to reach it every time they time my session out (once every few days, may be once a week, no drama but still noticeable).

They have been saying they will phase the old (usable) "groups" out for years now, I suppose they will do it once the number of users going through the hoops like I do now goes below some number they deem insignificant.


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