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Thanks for the links...

in Holland we have: >
formatting link

Pity this one isn't in English, unless I missed it ;-)

Anyways, like I said, I want a career change; I have programmed on Amiga HW & OS level with and without assembly language, Ada (at university and would like to go further with this) and currently some PS2 work (at work, currently) with, unfortunately minimal MIPS assembly :-(

SOooo, I'm looking for advice; what should I look for, where should I restart? I do have Ada based textbooks from uni (real-time systems is one of them) so obviously I'm going to have a rescan of these, but I'd also like some real advice from people within the industry.

Thanks, Luke.

P.S: I *am* currently looking through Google: embedded + newbie, but so far it's mainly hardware design I've seen...I be a software programmery-type-person ;-)

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