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Hi everybody, i'm not very skilled in pic programming, however i have sucessfully programmed pic16f84 with a Shaer programmed build by myself. Now I want to program a pic18f2550, because I want to use USB capability. Do you think my programmer should work properly? Should I make some variation?

The software i used is IC-Prog, wich does not seem to support this device? Does anyone know what software cuold fit for me?

Thank you very much! Angelo

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Congrats. I could not find a reference to the Shaer programmer. Do you have a link to it?


Yes. The 18F2550 has an absolute maximum Vihh of 12.5V. A 16F84 programmer will set its Vihh to 13V. That will fry the 18F2550. You'll have to decrease the voltage to your MCLR pin.

I was going to suggest Winpicprog

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but it doesn't seem to support the chip either. OshonSoft's programming software
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claims to program the part. I've never used it though, as I'm a Linux guy.

Good luck.


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