problem porting linux to AT91RM9200 board

Hi ,

Im trying to port linux to a custom board i designed (based on the AT91RM9200 ). But im faced with a problem - after the execution of the kernel is started , at the very first instruction , i get an invalid instruction message ( which further prints all the register values) ..what could be the reason for such an error?

Further , what other Free Operatign systems are avaliable that can be used with the AT91RM9200 ?

Thanks in anticipation

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Mayank Kaushik
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You should post the log with the error, else we can't help. However I try to guess: did you loaded the filesystem too ?

WindowsCE for example....

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Marco Cavallini
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Marco Cavallini

Since when is WindowsCE Free ?

Depending on exactely what you want, ECOS might be viable. There is a synthetic target available for Linux, so you can still develop and run your app on a standard PC, and cross compile for your ARM board.

Regards Anton Erasmus

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Anton Erasmus

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