porting tcp/ip stack from one rtos to another

Very new to the concept of porting code across RTOS'es. Now i need to port the tcp/ip code from one RTOS to another. Nee suggestions as to how can i start with this??

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Now let me guess......

No actually, why not tell us? Which TCP/IP stack. Which RTOS?

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1) Read the tcp/ip stack documentation. 2) Read the target RTOS documentation. 3) Port code.

Seriously, did you expect a useful answer from such a vague question? If yes, then give up and hire somebody with a clue.

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Grant Edwards

There is a power button on the front panel of the system block. You have to press it.


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Vladimir Vassilevsky

First you should thoroughly understand the synchronization and communication primitives of the original OS.

Then you should thoroughly understand the synchronization and communication primitives of the target OS.

Understanding how TCP works will help a lot.

After this it is time to start studying the TCP/IP stack code and think about how the primitives used in the original OS can be replaced with primitives available in the target OS.


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Paul Keinanen

Understand the OS specific requirements w.r.t tcp/ip code and implement those changes. Try correlation.

Normal changes can be :

1) The IPC - It can be syntax difference, operation difference , header file difference, return type difference and others. 2) Prioritising. 3) Interrupt handling 4) Scheduling 5) Synchronisation 6) Compiler dependent changes will also be present. Calling convention differences.

It would help the people in the group to help you if you can tell about your development environment details.

Karthik Balaguru

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