Please explain "Encapsulated Interface Transport" from modbus spec.?

The following section from modbus protocol spec. "Encapsulated Interface Transport" for

Device Identification. Please explain how to use Function Code 43 and its MEI

Type 14.

What do they mean by last paragraph of this section?

6.19 43 ( 0x2B) Encapsulated Interface Transport Informative Note: The user is asked to refer to Annex A (Informative) MODBUS RESERVED


Function Code 43 and its MEI Type 14 for Device Identification is one of two Encapsulated Interface Transport currently available in this Specification. The following function codes and MEI Types shall not be part of this published Specification and these function codes

and MEI Types are specifically reserved: 43/0-12 and 43/15-255.

The MODBUS Encapsulated Interface (MEI)Transport is a mechanism for tunneling service

requests and method invocations, as well as their returns, inside MODBUS PDUs.

The primary feature of the MEI Transport is the encapsulation of method invocations or

service requests that are part of a defined interface as well as method invocation returns

or service responses.

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