PHP for PICs ??

Anyone heard of using php as programming language for PICs ?

With totally no experience in PHP, I had to modify a php program. After browsing the web, I found what I needed and managed to modify the program,

But during browsing the web, the above (maybe ridiculuous) question came into my mind, why ? What I understand from PHP:

- it's open source

- it's used by everyone, including children and "housewifes"

- it's despiced by theoretical software guys, because it hasn't a closed definition (or is it because of the previous item ;-)

- it must be good, because it runs on every webserver (both unix and windows)

- despite it's open source, there's still just one definition/derivate

- installling and get it running on my PC, took me less then 2 minutes

- the user can choose between C-like, Pascal-like (maybe others) syntax

Ok, the negative point is that it's designed for generating webpages. But I also use a hammer to drive a srew ! So why not use PHP for PICs, ... ??

Stef Mientki

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Stef Mientki
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I assume you only use the hammer when there is no screwdriver arround, and for PIC controllers we have compilers and assemblers avaliable, so why use PHP?


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Cor van Loos

I'm unaware of any attempts to lobotomise PHP enough to make it fit in even the code space available on an 18F. And I don't think you could do much with it anyway, given the RAM use. ;)

Very few people choose PHP because it's a "nice language", anyway - it's generally used because of its HTML-embeddability and its rich set of interfaces to other bits of Unix-y software. Now, if you've got an RDBMS and a web-server running on your PIC (we've had the latter ;))...

You might be able to fit Tcl on a big PIC18, just. Python might just be a possibility, if you strip it waaaay down. But if you want an interpreted programming language on hardware as small as a PIC, I'd say go for FORTH, or BASIC if you must.


-- "there's no room for enigmas in built-up areas"
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Pete Fenelon

Stef Mientki wrote in news:cequks$fif$1


only Stef could come up with an idea like this. :)

Would be interesting though....

regards, Richard

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