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I have got RealTek`s RTL8019AS NIC. I use external register chip 93c46. RealTek`s sent me the file "93c46.bin" which I load into external register chip.

Also, I bought MAC addresses from IEEE.

Now, I would like to set a new MACs into chips.

The simplest way to achieve my purpose is to modify the file "93c46.bin", and insert there MAC address and CRC. I hope, MAC address is stored in "93c46.bin".

The problem is, I don`t know the structure of this file.

Maybe, somebody knows offsets of bytes where MAC address and CRC are stored in "93c46.bin".

Thanks in advance, Umpa.

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and search for 8019AS.pdf or get it from: This is the specification for the chip. Section 6.3 of this document details the 9346 contents. The MAC address does not seem to be covered by a CRC. The only Checksum mentioned is of the PnP serial identifier. The MAC address offset according to this document is 04H.

While the MAC address can certainly be entered into the MAC in this way, if you're using it with an embedded microcontroller, you may find it easier to program your MAC address into the chip directly upon reset. I did. The register locations in the

8019 are in the above document.

HTH, Alf

-- Alf Katz

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