NGW100; Display solution ?

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Hi Folks!

any good sugestions and input for a display update for my NGW100 ?

Would like to add applications as well as HW for surfing and playing music
.. .and need display for this
Could not find anything on the howto list ...
( )

Display should be of the better kind (not 2*20 or 4*20 lines)

While at it .... Perhaps some has a link to a place where I can buy an
expansion board for additional I/O
- multible I/O (for controlling my robot some LED amongst other things),
- display solution (for the radio/MP3 player and perhaps surfing)
- CAN bus drivers (std CAN)
- or even the harddisk driver

I could make this my self ... but would like so save some time ;-)


Re: NGW100; Display solution ?

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The Hantronix HDA350-LV has been suggested (See: )

No personal experience w/ this yet, as I forgot to order the

Best, Tom

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