Need help with my Ethernet-MCU project

Hi, i am still working on my ethernet-mcu project. I have got a Realtek 8019 ISA ethernet card and plan to connect it to a Pic mcu. I hope to operate the isa card in 8 bit mode.

The problem is I don't understand how the ISA card works. All I want to do is read data from the data ports. But there is a whole rigmarole associated with that (raising this pin high, putting that pin low..etc) before any eading can be done. Or at least that's the way it seems to me having read isa related documents and pinout diagrams on the internet.

Does someone have a simple explaination of how to get data off the isa card in 8 bit mode? What is the procedure involved to read data from the ports.

Something that does not involve wading through a ton of documents (which i have just completed with little to show for) would be much appreciated.


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"zalzon" wrote

ISA card in this instance is "IBM/PC-AT compatible card" - Industry Standard Architecture? PIC as in Microchip 16C54 or some such?

This seems a bit of an odd choice for hooking up to a PIC.

The ISA specification can be found in the IBM-AT Technical Reference Manual. Your card may or may not have an '8-bit mode': most ISA cards (with 2 sets of connector fingers) won't work in an XT architecture, though XT cards will work in an AT (except when you _really_ need them to.

You can also find the information in numerous third party PC reference books, shouldn't have to pay more than $0.50 for a ~20 year old book.

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Nicholas O. Lindan

Or search for other people who did the same thing.

I have seen projects talking to ISA cards with the 8052 and AVR. Try a little goggleing

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Neil Kurzman

two of many ISA 8019 ethernet card used by a PIC µ is your friend, look at their code.

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