Need a Design Tool to Do Large Data-Flow Diagrams and State Machine Logic ...?


I'm reverse-engineering some embedded software that is best viewed as processes that communicate via shared variables.

I'm looking for a design tool that will do large data-flow diagrams (like, plotter size), and will also capture state-machine logic.

UML notation would be of interest, but not strictly necessary.

Any recommendation or pros and cons?

Thanks, Dave Ashley.

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David T. Ashley
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Magic Draw from No Magic Inc.

Works for me.

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I use Microsoft Visio for this - the professional version supports UML and flow diagrams (among many, many other stencils). Whether or not it will choke on plotter sized diagrams depends on your machine.

You might also want to check Rational Rose... I used it 5 years ago when Visio didn't support UML. It was funtional... but ugly.

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Not sure about the print/plot-size, but check out

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-- Cecil Hill

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Cecil Hill

You can try EventStudio 2.5.

EventStudio will let you define data flows as sequence diagrams.

Poster size diagrams with a very large number of entities are supported.

For more details, please visit:

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