MSP430: _bis_sr vs. _bis_sr_irq ?

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Hallo, can anybody tell me the difference between _bis_sr() and
and when witch  type of command should be used ?

Thanks. Ralf

Re: MSP430: _bis_sr vs. _bis_sr_irq ?
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The following pertains to the IAR C compiler.  Based on a quick look at
generated code:

The intrinsic functions _BIS_SR() and _BIC_SR() set and clear bits in
the status register.  They could be used to enable/disable interrupts or
enter sleep mode.

_BIS_SR_IRQ() and _BIC_SR_IRQ() set and clear bits for the status
register which will be restored at the end of the current IRQ routine.
They are normally used to exit sleep modes from an interrupt routine.


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