Motorola PowerPC 5100 TimeSys Linux

I have a Motorola PowerPC 5100 that I am trying to load TimeSys linux on from another computer. Everything appears to work well, I can ping (NPING) the PC that I am trying to download the info from but when I issue the NBO command, I get the normal message showing controller, device, Client, server, gateway, subnet IP addresses Boot file, Argument File, and the message:

Network Boot File load in progress...To abort hit

Then the cursor drops to the next line and NOTHING happens (at least for 5 minutes) there doesn't seem to be any activity along the serial or ethernet connections.

Has anyone encountered this problem? What is a possible cause (or solution)? Any idea how long the machine should take to download the neccesary information (the documentation makes it look like it's ~ 1 second).

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Chris D'Andrea

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Christopher D'Andrea
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