Micros with USB

Any suggestions on uCs that have USB interfaces? Trying to avoid 8051 cores.

Atmel seem to make some AVRs with USB, anyone have experience with them?

Regards H.

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Hw wrote:

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STR7, e.g. STR711FR2T6 or STR710FZ2T6 (but never used them myself, so can't tell you how good they are running, or easy to use...)



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Martin Maurer

No experience with USB on an AVR but I have had success with USB on Atmel AT91SAM7S devices - low pin count ARM7TDMI. No complaints or problems.

Regards, Richard.

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There are AVRs with USB in the AT43 series. This is only useful for larger volume projects due to restrictions.

The AT76C713 on the other hand can be bought through distribution. Runs at 48 MHz so it is quite fast (40 MIPS +) but is more complex to handle than the average AVR because you have to do ISP before you start debugging. It can do some amazing things at that speed.

The AT91SAM7S64 is a very good general purpose chip and you get going for about $300. This includes dev kit, JTAG Emulator and IAR C compiler limited to 32 kB C code (+ 32 kB Assembler code).

Best Regards,
Ulf Samuelsson
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Ulf Samuelsson

As googler said, Microchip has a line of PICs supporting USB.

The 16C745 is REALLY cheap ($2.80), supports USB, firmware already written in both assembly and C.

The downside is there's no 16X745 with flash memory, either they're OTP or UV-erasable. The name of the UV-erasable one in 16C745/JW I beleive.

I'm afraid I have no experience with them myself...I just ordered a few but from reading the docs they seem really nice!

Good luck in your search // eKIK

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One difference between that part and the PIC18F2455 is that the

18F2455 supports full speed 12Mb/s USB2.0 and the 16C745 supports only low speed USB1.1.

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

We used ST7263 for an I/O board. ST was somewhat of a PITA in terms of getting them (especially in DIP), but the parts were inexpensive and worked pretty well.

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Andrew Dyer

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