Microprocessor suggestion please

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Hi, all

I am after a microprocessor for a new project. Main criteria -- must be able
to run Linux (e.q. there is a Linux port for it) and have built-in Ethernet.
On-chip USB (slave) is a definite advantage.

The only chip I found is the one from Motorola, but it only comes in BGA
package. Since I will have to build first prototypes manually, this is not a
good choice.

Any other sugegstions?

If  I will not find one, I will have to go for micro and external Ethernet
controller, but i prefer an integrated solution.


Re: Microprocessor suggestion please
How about the Motorola and a BGA socket ?

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Re: Microprocessor suggestion please
Still need to mount the bga socket - even more of a pain because the
ovens are not set up for this - been there, blown several sockets (not
junk assembly shop, PEMstar - the old IBM assembly in Rochester), but
once they're on, they're easy. Check emulation technologies (yamaichi -
good sockets) and ironwood.

I don't know where to go on this one, most integrated processors that I
know are in bga. Maybe you can find one, but then again I want a Ferrari
for a buck too - suppose they're out there.  BTW - The Etrax chips are bga.


Gary Pace wrote:

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Re: Microprocessor suggestion please

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Have used the ETRAX100LX in a dual processor custom board. I like it.
100Mbit ethernet. USB is done somehow, not sure if on-board.

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Re: Microprocessor suggestion please

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Bummer. What causes this requirement? I think the best or only choices, with the
wishlist specs, are going to be BGA. That does change the prototype methodology,
but things have gone that way.


Re: Microprocessor suggestion please
On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 10:18:16 +1000, "Rudolf Ladyzhenskii"

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Try Atmel AT91RM9200 - 180MHz ARM, 10/100 Ethernet, USB host
and slave. The dev kit is expensive, but you should be able
to get the CD for free from an FAE. There are both BGA and QFP

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Re: Microprocessor suggestion please
   You may have a problem finding both the functionality and the
packaging you want.  The reason is that as the functionality increases,
the pin count increases.  Once the pin count gets to a point (perhaps
over 144 pins), ball grid array is the best way to provide dense I/O.
   I know this doesn't help you directly, but it is worth noting.


Rudolf Ladyzhenskii wrote:
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