MAX3002 MAX3003 SPI 3.3v <> 5v Level Translation


Would anyone have experience of these parts? Namely, caveats and design considerations?

I'm intending to use a suitable level translator between a 5v dsPIC (It has to be 5v for an 8-bit bus) and a 3.3v SPI MMC/SD card.

A voltage divider isn't really suitable due to 3.3v not quite reaching the dsPIC's 1 threshold. So it makes sense to digitally convert all of the lines.

I have 16 of these little TSSOP 0.65mm pitch parts staring at me.. They look pretty harmless.

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If the traces are of any length, put a serial termination resistor in each one. That seems to be all as far as I've found out, otherwise they just behave.

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Paul Burke

Excellent. Thank you. :-)

I think the traces will be no more than about 10-20mm in length at say

20mils. I'm certainly not going round the houses. :-)
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