Marginally OT: Firewire interface


I have an external FW drive connected to one of my workstations. I seldom use the drive.

Yet, whenever the machine is booted, the FW drive spins up. If I remember, I then manually spin it down.

Drive is not receiving *power* from the interface so the spinup is just the result of the PC telling it to spin up.

Is there something *in* the drive that I can "switch" to prevent this from happening? I.e., the equivalent of unplugging the 1394 cable (w/o unplugging it, of course)?

Or, perhaps just switching the power to the external enclosure (*in* the enclosure) and hoping the I/F doesn't also steal power from the FW itself? (which might potentially lead to an error being signaled when the drive fails to spin up as expected)



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