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i'm looking to build a little black box. i need cheap storage of an
odd 40gig or thereabouts, and it looks like 3.5" ide ATA drives hit
that mark at about 30 bucks. i need some CF, so that'll be another 20
bucks. i need a cpu (x86 or whatever), a couple of usb ports, some
memory around 32megs, power supply, connectors for the drives, and
cables to hook everything up, and a chassis. i figure this the whole
kit and kaboodle ought to be under 300 bucks to buy. i'm looking
around and seeing stuff that's close but a bit overkill, having stuff
like a high power video/audio chip and all that isn't what i'm looking
for. so my question is whether anyone has seen anything close to this
around? any pointers to check out? mail me at osedax snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
if you've got the keys.

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