Linux code for JRKerr PIC Servo controller

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JR Kerr  Automation Engineering ( /) sells PIC based
motion control cards with resonable prices. Their RS232/485 driver and
example codes are written for  Windows.

Does anyone ported JRKerr's driver and example programs from Windows to

Roberto Hawkowski

Re: Linux code for JRKerr PIC Servo controller

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From What I Saw of there example code, in this case the QBasic Example it
simply sends out commands via the COM Port

Open "COM1:19200,N,8,1,BIN,CD0,CS0,DS0,OP0,RS,TB1024,RB1024" For Random As

Print #1, cmdstr

There for the port would not be too complicated, however these things always
take longer then expected


Re: Linux code for JRKerr PIC Servo controller

I wrote an article for Circuit Cellar Inc. using these guys, and
I wrote Linux serial-port code to talk to the chips.

You can find the (Lousy) code here: /
It's a total mess, but maybe you can get something about talking out the
serial port out of it.

I also drive these chips from the MiniRoboMind using a nice (If I do say so
double-layer PCB I had built for it.

If anyone REALLY wants to port the J.R.Kerr stuff, I can probably be convinced
to do it if you tell me you really really will use it.

- Alan Kilian <alank(at)>
Director of Bioinformatics, TimeLogic Corporation 763-449-7622

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