JTAG Value Pack ?

Hi all,

We are introducing a new robust On-Chip Debug solution based on our Chameleon POD. Take a look on

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Features: Based logic programable True onboard 1284 transciever (SPP-EPP/ECP compatible) On board 32MHz Crystal Robust power managment


Chameleon POD configurations Chameleon POD can operates as :

- Xilinx Cable III

- Altera Byteblaster



- Atmel STK200


- and other configurations like true I2C Controller over EPP.

Chameleon Programer software allows to change the configuration of your Chameleon POD in one click, in one seconde. The Chameleon Programmer is free.

This can be a nice ARM debug solution.

Laurent Gauch Amontec

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PS : all Chameleon POD are hardly tested before shipping !

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Amontec Team, Laurent Gauch
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The English on your web site is very poor; some people will take that as a disinclination to buy. I'd suggest you have a native English speaker tune it up for you.

That means "almost not tested"!


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John Larkin

perhaps little bit overpriced at $150 for simple PLD+level shifter? Antti made something similar free available at

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Best regards Tsvetan

PCB prototypes for $26 at http://run.to/pcb(http://www.olimex.com/pcb)
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Tsvetan Usunov

It is very common that people think you are paying for the chips on a board. They often overlook the effort that goes into making it a product and the support provided after the sale. In this case the dongle is worthless without the various CPLD configurations that make the part into what you are using it for. I find $150 quite reasonable for this device which impersonates a wide variety of devices.

But I do wish they provided more cables specific to a given task rather than expecting you to connect flying leads each time. For example, the Xilinx parts pretty much all use the same header on the target. But I have to get a chart to tell me what colors to connect to what pins. Likewise for JTAG ARM emulation. Or did I miss something on their web site?

Rick "rickman" Collins

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Does anyone have these, or the original Raven, working with ARM 920T based devices (and using gdb with a debugger).

Is these some issues with gdb and the MMU which prevents breakpoints from working?

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