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I'm trying, without much success, to find a contact at Intel in the UK who would know about their IXB2800 network processor boards. Specifically, I'd like to arrange for someone to visit and talk to us about them. So far, nobody there seems at all familiar with them.

If anyone can point me to the right person, an e-mail with contact details would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Dan Ellis

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Dan, I spent weeks to verify design of 2800 NP when I used to work for Intel in my past. I know IXB2800 pretty well, you can ask me if you want. My disadvanture are: I'm not Intel employee right now to get the IXB2800 manuals handy and the IXB2800 design people on short distance, but I'm sure, I remember my code and the chip architecture prety well :). Good luck, Alex

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