I2c chip(PCF8574) interface to PC by using PIC18F4550

Isit possible to interface the PCF8574 to the PC by using PIC18F455 through the build in USB function? Since i would like to build the USB b using PIC18F4550 and interface to the PC. Is there any good application b using PCF8574 i2c chip?

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Flash a LED, or read a switch, or read a switch to turn the LED On or Off.

No doubt there are spare pins on the PIC to do that anyway.

So why PCF8574?

So why connect to PC (except to load code into PIC or debug)?

Perhaps you should think of an application and then a way to solve the application, rather than have the devices and make an application.

To connect an 8 bit input/output port to a PC can be done a lot simpler if there was a need.

What do you need to do?

Other than what sounds like either a school project or 'I have found these devices what can I build with them'.

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Paul Carpenter

Here is a great project that should help you no end.

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Thanks Marra,

I totally understood what you are saying.

Keep up the good work.


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