CUPL documentation?

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I am looking at using CUPL to implement some simple-ish functions in
the Atmel ATF150x series parts.  I have WinCUPL, and its manual, but I
feel like there's something missing in the documentation:  

I've found some use of a "property" directive in CUPL, which seems to
be used to switch device/vendor-specific functions - things like (for
Atmel) pin-keeper, JTAG on/off, etc.

So, two questions:

First, I don't find a "PROPERTY" directive in the WinCUPL manual.  Am
I missing it, or is there some more complete CUPL language reference

Second, it seems like the available "properties" and syntax for the
"property" directive would need to be identified for each device.  The
functions are described in the spec sheets, but I find no information
on how to activate them with CUPL.  It seems like I'm missing a layer
of documentation.  Any pointers would be appreciated.


Re: CUPL documentation?
Never mind.  Once again, as soon as I ask the question, I find the
answer.  It's in the fitter help, and Atmel's FAQ.

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