Help on learning 'wireless protocols (i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi, the internet of things)'?


I would think I have enough DSP knowledge and experience as a DSP firmware engineer. I even completed a WiFi physical implementation project, i.e. I know the WiFi packet structure etc. I also know basic TCP/IP, UDP definition and its application in embedded systems.

My problem is about programming on WiFi or Bluetooth for an embedded system. I have quite several DSP evaluation boards bought from TI and gained much DSP experience from these boards. The latest board is a TI Tiva-C LaunchPad ek-tm4c1294xl. I do not an add-on (Boostpack) WiFi/Bluetooth board for this LaunchPad yet. If you know some, please tell me.

Now, I also plan to buy a new desktop PC. It is found that the new PC has both WiFi and Bluetooth. I would like to ask you whether it is a quick and good way to program code on WiFi/Bluetooth on PC.

Although WiFi has been on the market for so many years, I do not find a good link/tutorial on writing WiFi on-line.

The new direction is described as:

wireless protocols (i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi, the internet of things)

Could you give me some help? Thanks.

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Robert Willy
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