Has anyone dealt with Avnet? or NuHorizons when trying to purchase Xilinx stuff


I am new to this FPGA stuff and I wanted to purchase a starter kit and get volume pricing for a few Xilinx FPGA's

If one where to buy through Avnet or maybe NuHorizons, would anyone like to share your past experiences when working with them?

It seems all they care are who you are, what company you work with, what you exactly are you doing. In other words, how many parts are you going to buy from us before I spend any time with you.

Do you have to be a big company or are they trying to discourage small startups or students or whoever?

Like what do you have to purchase, software or hardware or what dollar amount to do you have to purchase just to get few questions answered, sales wise for pricing or even worse, tech support?


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What is your definition of volume? Unless your are planning to DIY, you would be better off leaving the purchasing to the assembler.

As bad and expensive as any other distributors, digikey and mouser included.

Tech support from distributors? You probably know more than them anyway.

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Perhaps it's different here in Norway, but I find the tech support from our distributors (Arrow and EBV are our biggest) to be excellent. I've known some of their FAEs for years, and they know our company and way of working. When we are working on big projects, we are often visited by them to discuss possible components and ideas, and when we have technical questions that they can't answer, they help put us through to more knowledgeable people within their company, or outside it.

For some manufacturers, the distributor can't see you devices (or at least, can't get samples or small quantities) without getting details about the project and planned quantities. The distributors themselves often like to know that sort of thing - it's pretty obvious why it is helpful to them.

Ultimately, of course, the distributors want to sell you devices. But here at least they understand that technical support before, during, and after a project is an important investment in their customers.

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