Update on MSP430 Babylonian clock

Followup to the message I posted the other week about Nokia 2260 LCDs for my Babylonian clock... the electronics are now working.

The clock starts at 10:12:10 and ends at 10:13:08 in this video; you get to see most of the digits.

It was slightly tricky to fit the 59 digits (at 32 x 22 pixels) into the 2K MSP430; I wound up making a set of sub-glyphs which are used to construct the digits on the fly. Fun.

Unfortunately I had to use a different LCD, which won't fit in the clay housing I made for the previous flavor of this circuit. The LCD I used is from a Nokia 5120. I found a seller on eBay dumping 51xx and

33xx phones for $2 each, and bought a bit more than 100. I'm also buying about 100 color (Ericsson T68) LCDs for a more advanced version of the same sort of project.
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So, what controller chip do they have in the 5120 LCD?

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PCD8544. The LCD is mounted on a daughterboard containing the piezo (and drive circuit), keypad (with stuck-down dome switches), LEDs (with switching transistors). The connector pinout has been reverse- engineered.

I have yet to power up one of the 3360 LCDs, but it looks simple enough. Different controller, but not difficult to use. Main difficulty is guessing what voltage to set it to, since I have no data on the glass.

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