GP32 Bootloader

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Wondering about bootloader options for the Motorola HC08GP32.  Would
like to obtain a serial bootloader using the SCI port to flash the CPU
using a host PC via RS232 port.  Really don't want to spend much time
writing a bootloader or the host software.  Is there anything I can
get off the shelf (even commercial product) to perform this function?



Re: GP32 Bootloader

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I was pretty sure the HC08 chips had ISP and Monitor mode. Investigate
Motorola's appnotes, they usually have a schematic for ISP. has
the dev tools and programmer.

Re: GP32 Bootloader
Have a look at the application note AN2295/D from MOTOROLA ("Developer's
Serial Bootloader for 68HC08").
Or you can use the P&E MICRO software, downloadable for free on the site



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