putting dec value on lcd

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Hello all,

I am a virgin in this and doctoring around with ICC11 and some board.
I have finally got the AD converter going and get the results via printf
on the terminal screen.
Now I want to put the result on the LCD.
I have the AD result in an unsigned char variable (guess it is binary or
anyhow 8 bit for sure :)

#define LCDcmmd *(unsigned char *)0x1400
#define LCD_DATA *(unsigned char *)0x1401

Sending control codes for the LCD works ok . I can clear and position the

I want to display a decimal result of the content of the result register on
the LCD.
Easy to do that with printf to the terminal how do I do this for the LCD?

Some c sample would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help, gurus.


Re: putting dec value on lcd
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One of the many ways to do it in C:

units  = number %10;
tens = (number-units) %100;
hunderds = number/100;

to convert to ASCII: add '0' to each result


Re: putting dec value on lcd
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As you seem to have printf() available on your platform, you must also
have sprintf() available. Use this to first print the value to a buffer.
Then copy the contents of the buffer to the LCD. You may need to
substract an offset from the characters, compare the LCD datasheet to a
'normal' ASCII table.


Re: putting dec value on lcd
On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 01:35:18 -0400, "Peter Pohlmann"

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I wrote this in 1991 - let's hope it still works :)

#include <stdio.h>
char fms [10];
a = sprintf (fms, "%d:%.2d",((int) time/60), time%60);
putslcd1 (fms);

The function "putslcd" just repeatedly calls the routine
which prints a single character to the LCD until "putslcd"
detects a zero in the string.

Mike Harding

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